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Experiments showed that Hierarchical Task Network (HTN) planners are suitable to find solutions for nontrivial tasks in complex scenarios. Mobile service robots are able to execute actions which may constitute the basic building blocks to achieve high-level goals. However, only few experiments demonstrate the application of a general purpose deliberative(More)
Cross-modal integration processes are essential for service robots to reliably perceive relevant parts of the partially known unstructured environment. We demonstrate how multimodal integration on different abstraction levels leads to reasonable behavior that would be difficult to achieve with unimodal approaches. Sensing and acting modalities are composed(More)
The fact that many AI planning approaches are still based on too simplifying assumptions makes it often hard to apply these approaches to real-world robotics. In particular, it is in many cases difficult to generate a complete plan in advance, because not all information is available at the beginning of the planning process. We briefly present the continual(More)
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