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  • Dominik Luczak
  • 2014
The article describes mathematical model of multi-mass electric drive system with flexible connection. Mechanical part was modeled as one-, two- and multi-mass. System with rigid, flexible and damping connection was considered. Model was shown in form of the equations of motion, state space and transfer function.
  • Dominik Luczak
  • 2012
The paper presents the structure of the filters used to filter the signal speed in the drive with elastic connection. The use of a filter is recommended in case when the control system is not able to actively suppress the mechanical resonance frequency. Filters described in the literature are presented in the form of continuous operation. The control system(More)
In this paper three methods of electric motor angular speed calculation are compared. The source of the measurement signal is a 14-bit absolute encoder. The authors compared the well-known classic methods M with more advanced approaches. First of the complex methods is based on utilization of phase loop lock system in an estimation process using on-line(More)
Multiple mechanical systems are vulnerable for oscillations. Its occurrence is very unwanted in systems. The Input Shaping method might be used for control the object without of oscillations stimulation. The fuzzy logic control might be used, when the information about object are not well known or uncertain. Usually this kind of control grants proper work(More)
The paper presents the use of methods of wavelet analysis to identify the mechanical resonance frequency of the direct drive. Was used continuous wavelet transform, discrete wavelet transform and mixed discrete wavelet transform and the Fourier transform. Performed simulations and compared the above methods of analysis.
This paper presents design, structure and experimental tests of a laboratory stand for the investigation on advanced control algorithms for electrical drive. The main propulsion unit is a permanent magnet synchronous motor, which is connected with a brushless DC motor operating as a dynamically adjustable load. System is controlled by a DSP with the(More)
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