Dominik Kosior

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We have investigated the influence of concentration of surfactants typically used as flotation frothers (α-terpineol and n-octanol) and roughness of the solid surface on phenomena occurring during rising bubble collisions with a model hydrophobic Teflon surface. The time of three-phase contact (TPC) formation (t(TPC)) and the time of drainage (t(D)) of the(More)
BACKGROUND The DAL (dynamic adsorption layer) formation, that is, the establishment of uneven distribution of adsorption coverage over the rising bubble surface, with significantly diminished coverage at the upstream pole, is the factor of crucial importance for the bubble motion parameters and kinetic of the bubble collisions with various interfaces. The(More)
Even though silica nanoparticles and their monolayers find a broad field of applications, only a few studies providing a quantitative description of silica nanoparticle deposition at solid/liquid interfaces have been reported in the literature. Given the deficit of reliable experimental data, the goal of this work is to acquire thorough physicochemical(More)
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