Dominik K Feser

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BACKGROUND The eye area plays an important role in the assessment of a person. Although plastic surgery in this area is quite common, only a few studies have evaluated the features that create an attractive eye. This study aimed to determine whether a preference exists for a certain eye axis. METHODS The stimulus material comprised portrait images of(More)
BACKGROUND Great diversity exists among individuals with respect to eyebrow position and shape, and the notion of an "ideal" eyebrow has changed quite significantly over the past several decades. METHODS This study compared three different variations of eyebrows. One variation was the arched eyebrow with the maximum height in the middle. The other two(More)
PROBLEM The parascapular flap is extremely versatile in the armamentarium of the plastic surgeon. However, little is known about the donor-site morbidity. Our purpose was to investigate limitations and problems arising at the donor site of parascapular flaps. METHODS Twenty patients with free parascapular flaps were followed up over a period of 3 years.(More)
On the basis of three patients with bone and soft tissue sarcoma,we would like to illustrate the necessity of a well working inter-disciplinary cooperation of radiologists, internal oncologists, radiation therapists, orthopaedic surgeons and plastic surgeons. Functional extremity preservation in sarcoma patients can be achieved by a good interdisciplinary(More)
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