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Endomedullary femur nails with a head–neck implant offer an up to now unused point of reference for the determination of rotation during osteosynthesis. The lateral femur nail (LFN) or the long Proximal Femur Nail (long PFNA), for example, have recon screws or a blade placed at a 10° angle to the distal locking screw in the transversal plane. If the(More)
BACKGROUND In hand and spinal surgery nerve lesions are feared complications with the use of standard oscillating saws. Oral surgeons have started using a newly developed ultrasound bone scalpel when performing precise osteotomies. By using a frequency of 25-29 kHz only mineralized tissue is cut, sparing the soft tissue. This reduces the risk of nerve(More)
OBJECTIVES During complex image-guided orthopedic trauma procedures, repetitive fluoroscopic scout imaging is performed. A number of preparatory positioning images often must be taken to reproduce a comparable projection. These scout images have no intrinsic clinical relevance but nevertheless expose the patient and the surgical team to considerable(More)
Nineteen fingertip amputations with exposed bone were treated with a semi-occlusive dressing. The quantity and quality of the regenerated soft tissue was examined. In all 19 fingers there was sufficient uncomplicated healing such that secondary surgical procedures were not needed. At follow-up 6-18 months after the injury, soft tissue thickness around the(More)
This study examines retrospectively the impact of operative and perioperative factors on the recurrence rate of finger and wrist cysts.Out of a total of 237 recorded cyst operations in 201 patients, 46% were carried out for dorsal wrist ganglia, 38% for finger ganglia, and 16% for palmar wrist cysts. 133 (56%) patients answered on a mailed questionnaire. At(More)
Tunnel enlargement can appear after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. We investigated the influence of the bone block position of a patellar tendon autograft on the tunnel enlargement in the femur and in the tibia from two aspects. On the one hand, we examined the influence of the tunnel position in respect to the ap-diameter. On the other hand, we(More)
The operative treatment of thumb carpometacarpal joint arthritis may include resection-suspension-interposition-arthroplasty. Although quite a technically demanding procedure, a suspension arthroplasty using a strip of the flexor carpi radialis tendon is quite a popular technique. Other techniques, which use the abductor pollicis longus (APL) tendon, is(More)
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