Dominik Hinder

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BACKGROUND Thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR) represents an attractive alternative to open aortic repair (OAR). The aim of this study was to assess outcome and quality of life in patients treated either by TEVAR or OAR for diseased descending thoracic aorta. METHODS A post hoc analysis of a prospectively collected consecutive series of 136(More)
OBJECTIVES Endovascular repair of the descending thoracic aorta is a very promising technique in elective and, particularly, emergency situations. This study assessed the impact of urgency of the procedure on outcome and mid-term quality of life in surviving patients. METHODS Post hoc analysis of prospectively collected data of 58 consecutive patients(More)
Cochlear implant (CI) surgery is the standard of care for postlingual deafness in adults. A hearing aid (HA) for the non-implanted ear is normally used if residual hearing is available. There is limited data on bimodal stimulation in elderly patients. We compare the outcome of bimodal stimulation and analyzed the correlation of bimodal benefit and residual(More)
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