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We revisit the top-level ontology Gumo for the uniform management of user and context models in a semantic web environment. We discuss design decisions, while putting the focus on ontological issues. The structural integration into user model servers, especially into the U2M-UserModel&ContextService, is also presented. We show ubiquitous applications using(More)
This article summarizes research on several interrelated general issues that can arise in the design and development of user modeling systems: the learning and subsequent adaptation of general user models on the basis of empirical data; the model-ing of temporally variable properties of users, in particular time pressure and cognitive load; and the(More)
The rapid deployment of low-cost ubiquitous sensing devices – including RFID tags and readers, global positioning systems, wireless audio, video, and bio sensors – makes it possible to create instrumented environments and to capture the physical and communicative interaction of an individual with these environments in a digital register. One of the grand(More)
Existing personalization systems base their services on user models that typically disregard the issue of context-awareness. This work focuses on developing mechanisms for cross-context reasoning, i.e., inferences linking user model data in two different contexts. That reasoning process can augment the typically sparse user models, by inferring the missing(More)