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Blockchain-Based Traceability of Inter-organisational Business Processes
This paper investigates how to run a business process in the context of a supply chain on a blockchain infrastructure so as to provide full traceability of its run-time enactment and retrieves information to trace process instances execution solely from the transactions written on-chain.
Ritual, Self and Yoga: On the Ways and Goals of Salvation in the Kaṭha Upaniṣad
  • Dominik Haas
  • Political Science
    Journal of Indian Philosophy
  • 1 November 2019
Throughout its history, the renowned Kaṭha Upaniṣad has often been described as being both incoherent and contradictory. The aim of this paper is to show to what purpose the text was created. To this
Rule Mining with RuM
RuM is presented, a novel application for rule mining that addresses the abovementioned issues by integrating multiple Declare-based process mining methods into a single unified application.
Rule Mining in Action: The RuM Toolkit
RuM is presented, an accessible and easy-to-use rule mining toolkit integrating multiple DECLARE-based process mining methods into a single unified application and includes support for process discovery, conformance checking, log generation and monitoring as well as a model editor.
A Nature Deity? The Ṛgvedic Savitṛ Revisited
The problematic identity of the deity Savitṛ in early Vedic religion has sparked more than a century of discussion. Harry Falk, for instance, argued that this god, whose name literally means the