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In this paper we present a new method for fully automatic liver segmentation in computed tomography images. First, an initial set of seed points for the random walker algorithm is created. In this context, voxels belonging to air, fat tissue and ribcage are labeled as background. Furthermore, depending on the shape of the ribcage and voxel intensities ,(More)
Many physical phenomena and properties of soft matter systems are characterized by an interplay of interactions and processes that span a wide range of length- and time scales. Computer simulation approaches require models, which cover these scales. These are typically multiscale models that combine and link different levels of resolution. In order to reach(More)
Interleukin-1 (IL-1) signaling in fibroblasts is mediated through focal adhesions, organelles that are enriched with adaptor and cytoskeletal proteins that regulate signal transduction. We examined interactions of the focal adhesion kinase (FAK) with protein-tyrosine phosphatase-α (PTP-α) in IL-1 signaling. In wild type and FAK knock-out mouse embryonic(More)
PURPOSE The reliable detection of myocardial perfusion defects and myocardial infarction (MI) is of great interest in the comprehensive workup of coronary artery disease. The aim of this study was to optimize the ability of contrast-enhanced cardiac multislice spiral computed tomography (MSCT) for detecting hypoperfused myocardium as surrogate marker of MI(More)
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