Dominik Flejter

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This paper describes a study on performance of existing unsupervised algorithms of text documents topical segmentation when applied to Polish plain text documents. For performance measurement five existing topical segmentation algorithms were selected, three different Polish test collections were created and seven approaches to text pre-processing were(More)
In this paper we address the problem of introducing semantics into Deep Web. Our main contribution is an annotation-based model for semantic, unified access to heterogeneous Deep Websources. We discuss the problem of source navigation and semantics modeling, introduce personalized views on the ontology and demonstrate their use for navigation and extraction(More)
Deep Web, as a rich and largely unexplored data source, is becoming nowadays an important research topic. In previous years, data extraction from Web pages has received a lot of attention. Much experience has been also already accumulated in the area of traditional, relational databases integration. Today, these research areas converge, leading to(More)
This volume includes papers presented at the workshops held in conjunction with the 11th Business Information Systems Conference, taking place in Innsbruck, Austria on 6-7 May 2008. The conference is a well established knowledge exchange forum, with topics covering development, implementation, application, and improvement of IT systems for business. It has(More)
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