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Posttransplant recurrence of focal and segmental glomulosclerosis (FSGS) occurs in approximately 30% of patients, and remains after uncontrolled despite increased immunosuppression and plasma exchanges (PE) in approximately 30% of cases. New immunosuppressive drugs might then be warranted. We report the case of a 15-year-old boy with FSGS leading to(More)
BACKGROUND Worsening renal function during hospital treatment is a substantial hazard, especially for elderly hospitalized patients. However, data concerning the prevalence and significance of potential risk factors is lacking. METHODS All patients admitted during a 6-month observation period to a department of general internal medicine and geriatrics(More)
Hypercalcaemia is a common complication of malignancies associated with bone destruction. Besides, benign diseases as sarcoidosis or hyperparathyroidism may lead to hypercalcaemia. The main principles of modern therapy contain a forced diuresis as well as the application of bisphosphonates. Latter substances bear the danger of developing a renal(More)
Acute mortality immediately following subcutaneous injection of vaccines against the paramyxovirus type 1 infection of pigeons is described. The accidental injury of the plexus venosus intracutaneous collaris located on both sides of the upper part of the neck of pigeons appears to be the only cause of the observed fatalities.
Hyperkalzämien sind eine häufige Komplikation von malignen Erkrankungen mit Knochenbeteiligung, aber auch prinzipiell benigner Erkrankungen wie der Sarkoidose oder dem Hyperparathyreoidismus. Neben der forcierten Diurese gehört die Gabe von Bisphosphonaten zur Standardtherapie. Hierbei muss jedoch berücksichtigt werden, dass Bisphosphonate selber ein(More)
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