Dominik Bogen

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UNLABELLED Despite gains in survival, outcomes for patients with metastatic or recurrent rhabdomyosarcoma remain dismal. In a collaboration between the National Cancer Institute, Children's Oncology Group, and Broad Institute, we performed whole-genome, whole-exome, and transcriptome sequencing to characterize the landscape of somatic alterations in 147(More)
Despite advances in multimodal treatment, neuroblastoma (NB) is often fatal for children with high-risk disease and many survivors need to cope with long-term side effects from high-dose chemotherapy and radiation. To identify new therapeutic targets, we performed an siRNA screen of the druggable genome combined with a small molecule screen of 465 compounds(More)
Amplification of MYCN is the signature genetic aberration of 20-25% of neuroblastoma and a stratifying marker associated with aggressive tumor behavior. The detection of heterogeneous MYCN amplification (hetMNA) poses a diagnostic dilemma due to the uncertainty of its relevance to tumor behavior. Here, we aimed to shed light on the genomic background which(More)
In patients with hepatitis C, a loss-of-function mutation of chemokine receptor CCR5 (CCR5Delta32) has been shown to be associated with spontaneous viral clearance and lower levels of hepatic inflammation. In the present study, we show that CCR5 is coexpressed with the inhibitory NKG2A receptor on CD8(+) T cells. Consequently, CCR5(+) T cells were highly(More)
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