Dominiek Degryse

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In the case of UBGA packages (ultra thin ball grid array), the first level interconnection makes use of mechanical contact force between the pads on the chip and the substrate; there is no metallurgical connection between the two. An adhesive (conductive or non conductive) is used to join the chip to the substrate thereby ensuring a good contact. In order(More)
Wire bonding is a widely used interconnection technique. Traditional processes use Au bond wire and Al metal layers. Nowadays there is a trend to go over to Cu bond wire to benefit from its better electrical performance characteristics. However during the bonding process, high pressure is put on the bond pad structure. These bond pad structures can contain(More)
Improving transistor performance by altering the properties of the silicon channel is a key challenge in electronic research; this can be done, for example, by introducing strain in the channel. In this paper, we report a study of the built-in stress due to a transistor's fabrication process, where different materials are deposited at high temperatures and(More)
This paper reports the impact of ageing on the cohesive and adhesive strength of overmould materials used in electronic packages. For so-called harsh environment applications, the overmoulded package operates in an ambient at a continuous temperature of 175°C, or sometimes even 200°C. At these high temperatures, it can be expected that the(More)
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