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Limited research has been performed on competitive bouldering. The aim of this study was to quantify the movement dynamics of elite boulder climbers. Six climbers were filmed during a national competition consisting of 5 novel climbing problems or routes. Two problems were randomly selected and film footage was analyzed using Kandle Swinger Pro software to(More)
A regional technique for the study of curare sensitivity of human muslce in vivo is described. 0-5 mg d-tubocurarine is given intravenously at the wrist while the circulation to the hand and forearm is occluded. Neuromuscular transsmission is then studied by delivering trains of stimuli to the ulnar nerve and recording changes in evoked muscle action(More)
This paper attempts to address the issue of hardening the internal security of an organisation's network by easing its patch management. Traditionally security has been modeled on a "hard outer shell" approach, with a firewall protecting the otherwise vulnerable internal network. With the advent of worms using such techniques as social engineering to bypass(More)
FOLLOWING Borel's description of a new immunosuppressive agent, a fungal cyclic peptide, Cyclosporin A (CyA), which had immunosuppressive action 1 a number of experimental papers demonstrated that the agent was a potent inhibitor of rejection of organ allografts in a variety of species 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Green and Allison 9 found that a short period of(More)
Disclaimer I am not writing on behalf of my employer. The information and perspectives I present are personal and do not represent those of my employer. About the Author Chris " @TheSuggmeister " Sumner has been directly involved in Corporate Information Security since 1999 and has maintained a passion for security since seeing Wargames when it first came(More)
This paper provides a comprehensive discussion on patch schedules. This discussion occurs over two parts. The first analyses existing implementations of patch schedules with a focus on Microsoft's monthly patch schedule. The arguments for patch schedules, namely increased patch quality and better planning within organisations are analysed and the impact of(More)
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