Dominic Rathbone

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L-745,870,(3-([4-(4-chlorophenyl)piperazin-1-yl]methyl)-1H- pyrollo[2,3-b] pyridine, was identified as a selective dopamine D4 receptor antagonist with excellent oral bioavailability and brain penetration. L-745,870 displaced specific binding of 0.2 nM [3H] spiperone to cloned human dopamine D4 receptors with a binding affinity (Ki) of 0. 43 nM which was 5-(More)
The anticonvulsant and behavioral profile of the glycine/N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist L-701,324 [7-chloro-4-hydroxy-3-(3-phenoxy)phenyl-2(H)quinolone] has been examined in rodents. In mice, L-701,324 protected against seizures induced by N-methyl-DL-aspartate (ED50 = 3,4 mg/kg i.v.), pentylenetetrazol (ED50 = 2.8 mg/kg i.v.) and electroshock(More)
Collapsing neuromuscular spinal curvature is extremely difficult to manage with standard rigid orthoses owing to skin breakdown and patient intolerance. Experience with a new, more malleable type of spinal brace (the "soft Boston orthosis") has been very rewarding in 55 children with neuromuscular scoliosis with an average curvature of 42 degrees. Patient(More)
A major issue in designing drugs as antagonists at the glycine site of the NMDA receptor has been to achieve good in vivo activity. A series of 4-hydroxyquinolone glycine antagonists was found to be active in the DBA/2 mouse anticonvulsant assay, but improvements in in vitro affinity were not mirrored by corresponding increases in anticonvulsant activity.(More)
Children with a narrowed canal secondary to spinal stenosis or congenital malformation may be predisposed to spinal cord concussion when the canal is further narrowed in hyperflexion or hyperextension. Review of the medical records of the Winnipeg and Ottawa Children's Hospitals disclosed 12 children who had been treated for transient sensory or motor loss(More)
The design, synthesis, and biological activity of a novel series of CCK-B receptor antagonists (1) which incorporate a tetrazol-5-ylamino functionality attached to the phenyl ring of the arylurea moiety of L-365,260 are described. In these compounds, the acidity of the tetrazole was gradually modified by utilization of simple conformational constraints, and(More)
The Labor Market of the Early Roman Empire Ancient Rome was a slave society. Hopkins was the Ž rst to assert that Rome was one of only Ž ve slave societies in recorded history, a view adopted quickly by Finley. This characterization is important because slavery is used as a sign of a non-market economy, which, in turn, is a classiŽ cation within the(More)