Dominic Nelson

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South America has a complex demographic history shaped by multiple migration and admixture events in pre- and post-colonial times. Settled over 14,000 years ago by Native Americans, South America has experienced migrations of European and African individuals, similar to other regions in the Americas. However, the timing and magnitude of these events(More)
Multi-state models of ion channel gating have been used extensively, but choosing optimally small yet sufficiently complex models to describe particular experimental data remains a difficult task. In order to provide some insight into appropriate model selection, this paper presents some basic results about the behavior of solutions of multi-state models,(More)
We examine a pricing game between firms that produce differentiated products and in which consumer preferences evolve in response to the market shares of the available products. One of the products is new and a subset of consumers (early adopters) have a relatively strong preference for it, while the remaining consumers are influenced by the relative market(More)
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