Dominic Marino

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This paper describes the violence safety program instituted at Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens, New York City in 2001, which significantly reduced the use of restraints and seclusion department wide, while providing a safe and therapeutic environment for patient recovery. The hospital service and program instituted is described, followed by restraint and(More)
Biological research in the field is constrained by the speed and difficulty of species determination, as well as by access to relevant information about the species encountered. However, recent work on vision-based algorithms raises the promise of rapid botanical species identification. The potential for mobile vision-based identification provides(More)
LeafView is a Tablet-PC–based user interface for automated identification of botanical species in the field, developed for the Columbia, University of Maryland and Smithsonian Electronic Field Guide Project. Leaf images are captured with a digital camera and wirelessly transferred to the tablet. A computer vision component developed by our colleagues finds(More)
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