Dominic Letarte

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In general, SQL-injection attacks rely on some weak validation of textual input used to build database queries. Maliciously crafted input may threaten the confidentiality and the security policies of Web sites relying on a database to store and retrieve information. Furthermore, insiders may introduce malicious code in a Web application, code that, when(More)
Automatic Query generators have been shown to be effective tools for software testing. For the most part, they have been used in system testing for the database as a whole or to generate specific queries to test specific features with not much randomness. In this work we explore the problems encountered when using a genetic algorithm to generate SQL for(More)
A new representation for inter-procedural analysis is presented. The representation only uses regular graph theory with guarded edges and variables for easy integration with model checkers but is limited to binary lattice inter-procedural analysis only. A simple inter-procedural problem is presented here with a description of the control flow graph(More)
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