Dominic Jones

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This paper defines and discusses the implementation of two novel extensions to the Siena Content-based Network (CBN) to extend it to become a Knowledge-based Network (KBN) thereby increasing the expressiveness and flexibility of its publications and subscription. One extension provides ontological concepts as an additional message attribute type, onto which(More)
Users of the web are increasingly interested in tracking the appearance of new postings rather than locating existing knowledge. Coupled with this is the emergence of the Web 2.0 movement (where everyone effectively publishes and subscribes), and the concept of the "Internet of Things". These trends bring into sharp focus the need for efficient distribution(More)
The fossil record has been interpreted as exhibiting a gradual decrease in the extinction rate. We use the individual based Tangled Nature model of evolutionary ecology to study the mechanisms behind this kind of nonstationary macrodynamics. We demonstrate that the long time aging in the system (manifested as a slowing down of the rate of large jumps, or(More)
Content-based networks (CBN), such as [1--3], have formed around the necessity to match a varying subscriber base to that of a networks publication creators. This "de-coupling" of the parties involved in the communication process allows for message routing to be conducted based on who <i>is interested</i> in a particular message, through a routing table(More)
BACKGROUND Resistance and susceptibility to scrapie has been associated with single nucleotide polymorphisms located within codons 136, 154 and 171 of the ovine prion protein gene (PRNP). Dual-labelled HyBeacon probes were developed to analyse single and clustered polymorphisms within these and neighbouring codons. METHODS Extracted DNAs and unpurified(More)
The localisation industry makes strong use of language processing pipelines at the core of its bulk localisation workflows, where software text and technical manuals are translated into the languages of target markets. Natural language technologies such as machine translation and text analytics are now maturing to a stage where they are being adopted as(More)