Dominic J. Wales

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Improvements in the efficiency of combustion within a vehicle can lead to reductions in the emission of harmful pollutants and increased fuel efficiency. Gas sensors have a role to play in this process, since they can provide real time feedback to vehicular fuel and emissions management systems as well as reducing the discrepancy between emissions observed(More)
There have been significant recent developments in the field of integrated optical Bragg grating sensors for use in the biological domain, where changes in the thickness of a surface layer upon specific binding of biological targets allows quantitative detection. However in the chemical domain less work has been reported. We present here an integrated(More)
A planar Bragg grating device has been developed that is capable of detecting changes in the refractive index of a wide range of fluids including solvents, acids and bases. The integration of this high precision refractive index sensor within a chemically resistant microfluidic flow system has enabled the investigation of diverse fluid interactions. By(More)
As supramolecular chemistry evolves, from the design of interactions in the solution and the solid state to applications at surfaces, there is a need for the development of analytical techniques capable of directly interrogating surface-localised supramolecular interactions. We present a proof-of-concept integrated optical Bragg grating sensor, capable of(More)
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