Dominic J Cirillo

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Studies considering the association between total cholesterol and noncardiovascular mortality, particularly from respiratory disease, yield inconclusive findings. To explore this question, the relation of lipids to pulmonary function, specifically forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV(1)), was investigated in the Third National Health and Nutrition(More)
CONTEXT Estrogen therapy is thought to promote gallstone formation and cholecystitis but most data derive from observational studies rather than randomized trials. OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of estrogen therapy in healthy postmenopausal women on gallbladder disease outcomes. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS Two randomized, double-blind,(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of hormone therapy on arthroplasty rates. METHODS We examined data from the Women's Health Initiative placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomized trials. Community-dwelling women ages 50-79 years were enrolled at 40 US clinics. Women with prior arthroplasty were excluded, yielding a sample size of 26,321 subjects. Women(More)
PURPOSE The correlates of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) utilization among elders have not been fully investigated. This study was designed to identify such correlates in a large sample of older adults, thus generating new data relevant to consumer education, medical training, and health practice and policy. DESIGN AND METHODS A subsample(More)
BACKGROUND Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection is one of the most common infections world-wide. A cohort effect model has been proposed to clarify the differences in the prevalence among the different age-class with a rate of infection higher in old individuals than in younger ones. The source of bacterial acquisition as well as the mode of(More)
OBJECTIVE Although joint symptoms are commonly reported after menopause, observational studies examining exogenous estrogen's influence on joint symptoms provide mixed results. Against this background, estrogen-alone effects on joint symptoms were examined in post hoc analyses in the Women's Health Initiative randomized, placebo-controlled, clinical trial.(More)
BACKGROUND Current biomarkers in ulcerative colitis (UC) are limited by their performance, cost, and limited availability in daily practice. This study examined alterations in the leukocyte profiles as biomarkers of UC activity, including the effects of age, gender, and medications. METHODS Case-control study that included 110 UC subjects, 75 subjects(More)
BACKGROUND Case-cohort studies have become common in epidemiological studies of rare disease, with Cox regression models the principal method used in their analysis. However, no appropriate procedures to assess the assumption of proportional hazards of case-cohort Cox models have been proposed. METHODS We extended the correlation test based on Schoenfeld(More)
BACKGROUND Telemedicine has enhanced care for children with illness in Rochester, NY, since May 2001, enabling 13,568 acute illness visits through December 2013. Prior findings included high parent satisfaction with childcare- and school-based telemedicine ("school telemedicine") and potential to replace 85% of office visits for illness. Urban neighborhood(More)
BACKGROUND Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a common condition associated with decreased quality of life in older adults. This study estimates the prevalence, risk factors, and functional correlates of among U.S. elders. METHODS Subjects (n = 1,008) were sub-sampled from the 2002 cross-sectional interview survey of the Health and Retirement Study (HRS), a(More)