Dominic E Warrino

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GanedenBC(30), a probiotic, has been shown to significantly increase T-cell production of TNF-alpha after ex vivo exposure to a strain of adenovirus (AdenoVI) or influenza A (H3N2 Texas strain [FluTex]). The current controlled study was designed to further evaluate the effect of GanedenBC(30) on immunological marker levels following viral exposure. Ten(More)
We evaluated whole blood samples drawn from 25 healthy donors and 20 HIV-infected donors into K3EDTA and Cyto-Chex BCT blood collection tubes for CD4, CD8, and CD3 cell counts (HIV Panel). Samples collected in Cyto-Chex BCT were stored at room temperature and tested by 4-color flow cytometry at 6 h, 3 days, and 7 days after isolation for CD4, CD8, and CD3(More)
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