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A new method of analysis is presented in this paper for the determination of complex propagation constants in substrate integrated waveguides (SIWs). This method makes use of the concept of surface impedance to model the rows of conducting cylinders, and the proposed model is then solved by combining a method of moments and a transverse resonance procedure.(More)
— A new generation of high-frequency integrated circuits is presented, which is called substrate integrated circuits (SICs). Current state-of-the-art of circuit design and implementation platforms based on this new concept are reviewed and discussed in detail. Different possibilities and numerous advantages of the SICs are shown for microwave,(More)
This study evaluates the differences in host immune responses to defined plasmodial antigens in four geographically different regions in which malaria is endemic. Sera from 527 individuals were tested for the presence of antibodies specific for three types of plasmodial antigen: liver-stage antigen (LSA-1), blood-stage antigen (SPF 70) and circumsporozoite(More)
This paper addresses noise and sensitivity issues in remote sensing and detection of vital signs based on a continuous wave biomedical radar operating at multiple harmonic carrier frequencies or channels. This Doppler radar makes use of a single mixer, taking advantage of the inherent nonlinearity and harmonic characteristics of the mixer. Other system(More)
To improve influenza vaccine efficacy in hospitalized elderly, we compared the evolution of antibody level after vaccination in three patient groups. A sample of apparently primo vaccinated elderly were randomized to receive either Imuthiol (Na diethyldithiocarbamate: group 1) or a placebo (group P). They were compared to patients who had been vaccinated(More)
A new temperature compensation method is proposed and demonstrated in this paper for cavities and filters realized in substrate integrated waveguide (SIW). The SIW structures largely preserve the well-known advantages of conventional rectangular waveguide, namely, high Q and high power capacity, and have the advantages of microstrip lines, such as low(More)
Harmonic radar architectures present systems of wireless detection operating at multiple harmonic carrier frequencies. The noise and sensitivity of a harmonic radar system, which is developed at 12 GHz and 24 GHz for vital signs detection, are studied numerically and experimentally. The received signal power of the radar system is analyzed numerically as a(More)
This work describes a novel measurement technique for determining the complex permittivity of powdered materials, based on resonant-perturbation of a Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) resonator operating at ~2.5 GHz and calculations from General Dielectric Mixture Model equations. The proposed method is validated with standard powder samples measurement(More)