Dominic Cooney

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As Web service technology evolves, the idea of context-aware services gains more interest. An idea is that different sets of services will dynamically drop into the mobile users' devices depending on their contexts. To do this effectively requires location modelling and representation as well as spontaneity in downloading and executing the service interface(More)
  • D O Cooney
  • 1982
The effect of the type of carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and amount of CMC used in preparing antidotal charcoal formulations on the in vitro kinetics of sodium salicylate adsorption from simulated gastric fluid was assessed in agitated vessels of two designs. Mixtures made with low, medium, and high viscosity CMC were tested. Additionally, the effects of the(More)
At present, there is a dichotomy of approaches to supporting web service implementation: extending mainstream programming languages with libraries and metadata notations vs. designing new languages. While the former approach has proven suitable for interconnecting services on a simple point-to-point fashion, it turns to be unsuitable for coding concurrent,(More)
  • D O Cooney
  • 1980
The palatabilities of thickened activated charcoal formulations flavored with sucrose, sorbitol or saccharin sodium were compared. Three flavored activated charcoal formulations were prepared from a base of 25 g of activated charcoal, 1.5 g of carboxymethylcellulose, and 75 g of distilled water. The ratios of sweetener to activated charcoal were 1:1 for(More)
The efficacy of sucrose as a flavor for activated charcoal was studied. In vitro adsorption of sucrose (in Simulated Gastric Fluid, USP, without pepsin) to activated charcoal, and of a 1-g/liter sodium salicylate solution to a 1:1 mixture of sucrose and activated charcoal and to plain activated charcoal, was measured spectrophotometrically. In vitro(More)
Drug adsorption studies were carried out using three charcoal-based and one resin-based hemoperfusion devices. They were the Sandev Hemocol unit, the Gambro Adsorba 300C unit unit, the Becton-Dickinson Hemodetoxifier, and the Extracorporeal Medical Specialties XR-010 Hemoperfusion column, respectively. Clearance versus time tests of up to six hours duration(More)