Dominic Bray

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Yields of tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide were compared in selected Canadian brands of manufactured and hand-rolled cigarettes, and small and large cigars. To control for varying volumes of smoke delivery per cigarette or cigar, standardized comparisons in milligrams of toxic substance per liter of smoke were made. The mean deliveries per liter of smoke(More)
A brand of cigarette with nominal tar and nicotine yields of 4.0 mg and 0.4 mg, respectively, was examined under various machine-smoked conditions that reflect the wide range of human smoking behavior. Three levels of each of five smoking parameters--butt length, puff duration, puff interval, puff volume, and ventilation occlusion--were examined, and the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the previously documented inverse association between ambient temperature and presentation rates for patients with epistaxis and seasonal variation of emergency presentation rates for patients with epistaxis. STUDY DESIGN A retrospective analysis of all consecutive emergency patients with epistaxis presenting to hospital from the(More)
OBJECTIVES AND HYPOTHESIS Isshiki type one medialisation thyroplasty is an accepted treatment for a unilateral immobile vocal fold. It can also be performed simultaneously as a bilateral procedure in patients with severe bowing of the vocal folds (e.g. presbyphonia). The objectives of this study were to assess the incidence and timing of post-operative(More)
A number of countries, including Canada, sponsor routine monitoring of cigarette tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide yields which are evaluated by cigarette-smoking machines according to a standard protocol. These standardized yields continue to decline as tobacco companies modify their brands to meet consumers' demand for "light" products. This trend toward(More)
Dear Editor, Rhinoplasty is technically demanding surgery, and even in the best of hands, postoperative healing and ultimate aesthetic outcome can be unpredictable. In addition to the risks of general anaesthesia, and a protracted postoperative convalescence, rhinoplasty may lead to adverse cosmetic sequelae of pollybeak deformity, over reduction of the(More)
Ameloblastoma is an odontogenic neoplasm of enamel organ type tissue which does not undergo transformation to the point of enamel formation. We present the second case in the English literature of maxillary ameloblastoma that presented with nasal obstruction and rhinorrhoea, and the first to be excised using a combined maxillotomy and endoscopic(More)
The occurrence of a disease condition in two flocks of young turkey poults characterized by enlarged hearts and marked distension of the right ventricle is described. Only males were observed to exhibit the condition in the first flock and approximately five per cent of this sex died with the characteristic enlargement. Abnormal hearts were found in progeny(More)
Average yields of tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide per liter of smoke and per cigarette were determined for 10 brands of cigarettes smoked under 27 different conditions (one standard and 26 nonstandard). Per cigarette yields were highly variable across smoking conditions due to differences in the total volume of smoke taken for analysis. The results of a(More)
OBJECTIVE Airway compromise due to paediatric intubation injuries is well documented; however, intubation injuries may also cause severe voice disorders. We report our experience and review the world literature on the voice effects of traumatic paediatric intubation. CASE SERIES We report five cases of children referred to Great Ormond Street Hospital for(More)