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The most conspicuous form of agricultural experiment is the field trial, and within the history of such trials, the arrival of the randomised control trial (RCT) is considered revolutionary. Originating with R.A. Fisher within British agricultural science in the 1920s and 1930s, the RCT has since become one of the most prodigiously used experimental(More)
ion and Model Construction in Systems and Synthetic Biology Tarja Knuuttila and Andrea Loettgers The prevalent view on abstraction among philosophers of science is that of omission. Whereas idealizations are thought to introduce distortions to a scientific representation, abstraction is understood in terms of abstracting away from the details of a system.(More)
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In the early twentieth century, Wilhelm Johannsen proposed his pure line theory and the genotype/phenotype distinction, work that is prized as one of the most important founding contributions to genetics and Mendelian plant breeding. Most historians have already concluded that pure line theory did not change breeding practices directly. Instead, breeding(More)
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