Domingos Neto

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The present study investigates physical health problems among patients with alcohol use disorders at alcohol treatment agencies in six European cities. The sample comprised 315 patients with a primary alcohol use disorder. Data were collected at admission to treatment using a structured research protocol, and ratings were made by a medically qualified(More)
AIM To delineate the features of treatment compliance which predicted outcome during aftercare treatment in a series of patients that completed an inpatient program at the Lisbon Regional Alcohology Centre (CRAS). METHODS Seventy-four alcohol dependent patients, sequentially admitted to the inpatient treatment of CRAS, were followed over 6 months after(More)
AIMS To identify prognostic factors to outpatient alcohol treatment on admission as well as during the treatment period. METHODS A cohort study of n = 209 alcoholic patients (DSM-IV) during 6 months of outpatient treatment. Eight medical doctors from two hospitals were involved. Co-responsible participation in treatment was a necessary condition. At(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of the sequential combined treatment (SCT) and treatment as usual (TU) in relapse prevention in a sample of alcohol-dependent patients, during 180 days of outpatient treatment. METHOD 209 alcohol-dependent patients who could attend with an informant adult were randomized to either TU or SCT. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the microbial etiology of suppurative chronic otitis media (SCOM) in patients with complete cleft lip and palate and isolated cleft palate and to determine the sensitivity of isolated microorganisms to antibiotics by drug diffusion from impregnated discs in agar and the minimum inhibitory concentration of each drug to these(More)
UNLABELLED The unavailability of advanced imaging equipment in the operating rooms of most hospitals - as well as the fundamental importance for surgeons of immediate observation of the cochlear implants soon after their insertion - makes conventional radiography a good option. OBJECTIVE To describe a practical, fast and low-cost radiographic method,(More)
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