Domingos Alves dos Anjos Neto

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The mycorrhizal associations established between plants and fungi have multiple effects on plant growth, directly affecting stress tolerance. This work aimed to explore arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) effects on carbon and nitrogen relationships of Aster tripolium L. and consequently on its flooding tolerance. Mycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal juvenile plants(More)
Among the settlers that, from 1432 onwards, arrived to the Azores Islands were individuals of North and sub-Saharan African origin. A previous study of markers of the Y chromosome revealed that haplogroup E is the second more frequent in the Azores (13%). Since this haplogroup is heterogeneous and may contain subtypes of African or non-African origin, we(More)
Since little is known about how the Mediterranean Basin ecosystems are affected by nitrogen deposition, we aimed to understand the use of nitrogen by distinct plant functional groups (PFG: summer semi-deciduous and evergreen sclerophylls) present in the Mediterranean maquis in order to assess which may be more affected by changes in nitrogen availability.(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of apical foramen widening on the healing of chronic periapical lesions in dogs' teeth after root canal filling with Sealer 26 or Endomethasone. STUDY DESIGN Forty root canals of dogs' teeth were used. After pulp extirpation, the canals were exposed to the oral cavity for 180 days for induction(More)
Introduction: A problem of endodontic origin is solved mainly by cleaning and disinfecting the root canal system. However, the use of medicines for systemic use is a great auxiliary in combating pain, inflammation and/or infection, making easier to treat the clinical status, that patient experiences less pain. Objective: To conduct a literature review(More)
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