Domingo Guinea

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In the autonomous piloting of vehicles, the characterization of nearby dynamic object motion by perception and tracking techniques aids in the optimization of avoidance strategies. Knowledge of the features of object motion in goal-driven navigation allows for accurate deviation strategies to be implemented with appropriate anticipation. This perceptual(More)
The Internet makes it possible to share and manipulate a vast quantity of information efficiently and effectively, but the rapid and chaotic growth experienced by the Net has generated a poorly organized environment that hinders the sharing and mining of useful data. The need for meaningful web-page classification techniques is therefore becoming an urgent(More)
Smart applications of the Internet of Things are improving the performance of buildings, reducing energy demand. Local and smart networks, soft computing methodologies, machine intelligence algorithms and pervasive sensors are some of the basics of energy optimization strategies developed for the benefit of environmental sustainability and user comfort.(More)
— The configuration of a surface inspection vision system as a complex task, requires mining associations among attributes due to the variability of the surface and the environment in real-time production process. The surface inspection task has to change to deal with different elements such as, wood, stainless steel or paper inspection and, in the case of(More)
Current work deals with the design of a local unit, micro-controller based to acquire signals from a set of sensors and locally diagnose on the air quality. The local unit permits the interface with standards atmospheric and meteorological sensors, as well as the communication with a central unit by message passing protocol, via GSM. A fuzzy inference(More)