Domingo A. Ruiz-Caballero

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This article has been accepted for publication in a future issue of this journal, but has not been fully edited. Content may change prior to final publication. Abstract—Novel simple indirect control concepts for an Active Power Filter (APF) application is proposed here. The concepts are exemplarily presented to control a modified APF structure. The main(More)
—Novel symmetric hybrid multilevel topologies are introduced for both single-and three-phase medium-voltage high-power systems. The topology conception is presented in detail, where a three-level switching cell with low component count, and its modulation pattern give the origin of the proposed converters. Voltage sharing and low output-voltage distortion(More)
This article presents the study and implementation of a new asymmetric hybrid voltage inverter, for high voltage applications. The proposed inverter employs two types of modulation in low and high frequency (sinusoidal PWM). Simulations and experiment results are provided showing the validity of the analyses. These were obtained using a low-voltage(More)
This paper presents a study of a new dc-dc converter non-isolated high gain called Double Boost Quadratic Converter. The topological states, the waveforms of voltage and current, and the output characteristic graph of the converter are present in this paper. Besides, it is showed a comparison between simulation results and experimental results, confirming(More)
The analysis DC-DC Double Quadratic Buck Converter is presented in this paper. This converter has the advantages of high static gain compared to the conventional Buck Converter. The topological symmetry reduce the stress voltage over the switches to half of the value compared with the conventional Quadratic Buck Converter and simplifies the modeling of the(More)
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