Domenico Vendettuoli

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BACKGROUND We conducted a systematic review to evaluate the role of Ultrasonic dissector (UAS) versus conventional clamp and tie in thyroidectomy. MATERIALS AND METHODS We searched for all published RCT in into electronic databases. To be included in the analysis, the studies had to compare thyroidectomy with UAS versus conventional vessel ligation and(More)
The potential advantages of minimal incision surgery for hallux valgus (HV) correction are the following: reduced surgical exposure, diminished soft-tissue stripping, and less blood supply impairment. These advantages imply fewer complications. We retrospectively reviewed patients who were consecutively treated with a modified minimally invasive osteotomy(More)
We analyzed a homogeneous sample of 671 patients underwent total thyroidectomy for various pathologies evaluating the final histological diagnosis and seeking the association between thyroiditis and cancer. As is known to the literature the incidence of association between autoimmune disease and cancer is not exceptional. In our experience, we have shown it(More)
INTRODUCTION The prognosis of patients with melanoma varies according to the staging of disease at the moment of diagnosis. Melanoma can metastasize to every organ or tissue, but the most common site involved is locoregional. In selected patients surgery plays a central role with the possibility of changing the prognosis at distance. CASE REPORT A(More)
Well-differentiated thyroid neoplasms may be included among the most frequently occurring thyroid carcinomas. Papillary ca. is without doubt the best behaved type. The aim of the present work is to perform a retrospective case history study to assess patients with con papillary ca. who have been treated surgically over the last 17 years and have been(More)
INTRODUCTION Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer among female sex, above all in rich countries where it occurs ten times more than the others. The most incidence of breast cancer is in female over 45 yrs and over 70 yrs with a plateau during menopause. So it is really very uncommon before 30 yrs. It is well known that breast cancer is related to(More)
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