Domenico Saccà

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Previous researchers have proposed generalizations of Horn clause logic to support negation and non-determinism as two separate extensions. In this paper, we show that the stable model semantics for logic programs provides a unified basis for the treatment of both concepts. First, we introduce the concepts of partial models, stable models, strongly founded(More)
Process mining techniques have recently received notable attention in the literature; for their ability to assist in the (re)design of complex processes by automatically discovering models that explain the events registered in some log traces provided as input. Following this line of research, the paper investigates an extension of such basic approaches,(More)
Partial stable models for deductive databases, i.e., normal function-free logic programs (also called datalog programs), have two equivalent definitions: one based on 3-valued logics and another based on the notion of unfounded set. The notion of partial stable model has been extended to disjunctive deductive databases using 3-valued logics. In this paper,(More)
In this paper the problem of minimal representations for particular classes of directed hypergraphs is analyzed. Various concepts of minimal representations of directed hypergraphs (called minimal equivalent hypergraphs) are introduced as extensions to the concepts of transitive reduction and minimum equivalent graph of directed graphs. In particular, we(More)
Process mining techniques attempt to extract non-trivial and useful information from event logs recorded by information systems. For example, there are many process mining techniques to automatically discover a process model based on some event log. Most of these algorithms perform well on structured processes with little disturbances. However, in reality(More)
A graph-theoretic approach for the representation of functional dependenoes in relauonal databases is introduced and applied in the construction of algorithms for manipulating dependencies. This approach allows a homogeneous treatment of several problems (closure, minimization, etc.), which leads to simpler proofs and, m some cases, more efficient(More)
While non-determinism has long been established as a key concept in logic pro-gramming, its importance in the context of deductive databases was recognized only recently. This paper provides an overview of recent results on this topic with the aim of providing an introduction to the theory and practice of non-determinism in deductive databases. In(More)