Domenico Padovan

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L-carnitine is essential for the transport of long-chain fatty acids into mitochondria and their oxidation. Recently, a relationship between plasma free fatty acids (FFA) and L-carnitine metabolism has been observed. Plasma free L-carnitine (FC), FFA, triglycerides, cholesterol, blood glucose concentration and daily excretion of FC were determined in 20(More)
The incidence of diabetic retinopathy was evaluated by means of fluorescein angiography in 54 patients with diabetes secondary to chronic pancreatitis or to pancreatectomy. Thirty-one percent of the patients had background retinopathy; none had proliferative retinopathy. The percentage of patients with retinopathy was the same in groups with or without a(More)
Forty-one diabetic patients (21 males and 20 females) were divided into two groups according to treatment. One group (n=22) was treated with insulin and the other with oral therapy (tolbutamide) (n=19). The two groups of patients were in a good metabolic control in that the glucose loss in the urine was less than 10 g/24 h. In these two groups we have(More)
The lymphocyte subpopulations of 26 insulin-dependent diabetics were studied. Thirteen of them had persistent pancreatic islet-cell serum antibodies (ICA) (mean (±SD) duration of diabetes 11 ± 8 years). The others were ICA-negative (mean duration of diabetes 10±8 years). The mean fasting blood glucose in the week before the lymphocyte count was 1.37±.45 g/1(More)
The necropsy records of 144 infant rhesus monkeys and 38 infant squirrel monkeys that died during a 2-year period at the Delta Regional Primate Research Center were reviewed for causes of deaths and other clinically important findings. Bronchopneumonia, enteric diseases, and Streptococcus pneumoniae infections were the most frequent causes of death in(More)
At least three distinct herpesviruses cause varicella like exanthematous diseases among nonhuman primates. Spontaneous epizootics have resulted in high morbidity and mortality rates among Cercopithecus aethiops, Erythrocebus patas and Macaca species in research colonies. Mild infections have been observed in infant chimpanzees and a gorilla. This group of(More)
Blood viscosity, plasma viscosity and erythrocyte filterability were studied in 46 diabetic and in 24 hyperlipidemic patients and were compared with those of a group of normal controls; 35 diabetics were type I (IDDM, 13 of whom complication-free and 22 with micro- and macroangiopathy), 11 diabetics were type II (NIDDM, 5 of whom complication-free and 6(More)