Domenico Osella

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We report QSAR calculations using VolSurf descriptors to model the lipophilicity of 53 Pt(iv) complexes with a diverse range of axial and equatorial ligands. Lipophilicity is measured using an efficient HPLC method. Previous models based on a subset of these data are shown to be inadequate, due to incompatibility of whole molecule descriptors between(More)
The synthesis and characterization of a series of picoplatin-based (picoplatin = [PtCl(2)(mpy)(NH(3))], mpy = 2-methylpyridine), Pt(iv) complexes with axial carboxylato ligands of increasing length are reported. The synthesis is based on the oxidation with hydrogen peroxide of picoplatin to give the cis,cis,trans-[PtCl(2)(mpy)(NH(3))(OH)(2)] intermediate(More)
Phenanthriplatin, that is, (SP-4-3)-diamminechlorido(phenanthridine)platinum(II) nitrate, an effective antitumor cationic Pt(II) complex, was loaded on negatively charged dextran sulfate (DS) as a model vector for drug delivery via electrostatic interactions. The free complex and the corresponding conjugate with DS were tested on two standard human tumor(More)
The interaction of drugs with DNA is an important aspect in pharmacology. In recent years, many important technological advances have been made to develop new techniques to monitor biorecognition and biointeraction on solid devices. The interaction between DNA and drugs can cause chemical and conformational modifications and, thus, variation of the(More)
The antiproliferative activity of the aspirin derivative [2-acetoxy-(2-propynyl)benzoate]hexacarbonyldicobalt (Co-ASS) and its analogue hexacarbonyl[μ-(2-ethylphenyl)methanol]dicobalt (Co-EPM) was investigated on malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) cell lines, having an epithelioid or a sarcomatoid phenotype. In sarcomatoid cell lines Co-ASS was more(More)
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