Domenico Marra

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The huge amount of biological information, its distribution over the Internet and the heterogeneity of available software tools makes the adoption of new data integration and analysis network tools a necessity in bioinformatics. ICT standards and tools, like Web Services and Workflow Management Systems (WMS), can support the creation and deployment of such(More)
BACKGROUND As HIV infection turned into a chronic treatable disease, now ranking as one of the most costly in medicine, long-term sustainability of highly active antiretroviral treatment (HAART) expenses became a major issue, especially in countries with universal access to care. Identification of determinants of higher HAART costs may therefore help in(More)
The completion of the Human Genome Project has resulted in large quantities of biological data which are proving difficult to manage and integrate effectively. There is a need for a system that is able to automate accesses to remote sites and to "understand" the information that it is managing in order to link data properly. Workflow management systems(More)
The Human Genome Project has deeply transformed biology and the field has since then expanded to the management, processing, analysis and visualization of large quantities of data from genomics, proteomics, medicinal chemistry and drug screening. This huge amount of data and the heterogeneity of software tools that are used implies the adoption on a very(More)
BACKGROUND The nasal cavity is a vulnerable zone which may be damaged by vascular disorders. We systematically assessed the frequency and severity of nasal cavity alterations during bevacizumab treatment, to determine its clinical relevance and factors contributing to its onset. PATIENTS AND METHODS We conducted a hospital-based cohort study in 47(More)
Extended abstract There is a huge and increasing amount of biological information distributed over the Internet. The data structure and contents of data banks are extremely heterogeneous. A lot of bioinformatics software tools are also available on the net through many different interfaces. This implies that nowadays data integration on the network is a(More)
Web Services and Workflow Management Systems can support creation and deployment of network systems, able to automate data analysis and retrieval processes in biomedical research. Web Services have been implemented at bioinformatics centres and workflow systems have been proposed for biological data analysis. New databanks are often developed by taking into(More)
OBJECTIVE There is increasing interest in combining postmenopausal hormone therapy (HT) and SERMs in midlife women. We previously showed that refusal to participate in a prevention trial of low dose tamoxifen in HT users was associated with higher worry about breast cancer. Given this counterintuitive finding, we studied which factors influenced worry and(More)