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The external luminance, the climatic conditions as limpid sky or haze, the road surface wet or dry, the traffic speed and the related safe driver stopping distance, strongly influence the quantity of artificial support light necessary at the entrance of the tunnel. The design of the support lighting system in the road tunnel takes into account the critical(More)
This study investigates the usability of the smartphone camera for the evaluation of arterial blood oxygenation (SpO<sub>2</sub>%). The advantage of this solution derives from the pervasiveness of the smartphone that makes available the evaluation of the SpO<sub>2</sub>% everywhere. Differently from the pulse oximeter, which uses well-defined wavelength(More)
The aim of this paper is to propose the wireless body sensor networks (WBSNs) as an enabling technology for a rich variety of application domains, from e-Health to e-Factory. In particular, the paper will describe reference network architectures, effective programming frameworks and novel applications in important application domains for WBSNs. Finally, a(More)
The paper deals with the test signal selection to be adopted for the Voice Quality Measurement (VQM) in telecommunication networks. It is proposed to use the optimized multisine as test signal in place of both the natural and the artificial voices, suggested by the ITU-T recommendations. The effectiveness of the optimized multisine to the VQM is(More)
The aims of the paper is to furnish a new methodology to (i) define chemical and physical parameters used as references to distinguish between a healthy human bone tissue and the one affected by primary coxarthrosis, and (ii) to enrich the base of knowledge used in the biomaterials field. The methodology pointed out is based on measurement techniques used(More)
The recent literature proposes the smartphone's camera to evaluate the arterial blood oxygenation (SpO<sub>2</sub>%) with the characteristic of friendly and ubiquitous measurement instrument. Some issues remain open, making difficult the compensation of artefacts causing error in the estimation of the photoplethysmogram signal (PPG) and not guarantying that(More)
In the mineral part of the teeth the calcium phosphates and calcium carbonates are combined in a collagen with the mucopolysaccharides of the organic matrix. The infection on the tooth surface caused by bacteria can modify the tooth structures resulting in the tooth decay. In order to determine the modification on the tooth structure the use of thermal(More)