Domenico La Sala

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It has been recently established that low-frequency electromagnetic field (EMFs) exposure induces biological changes and could be associated with increased incidence of cancer, while the issue remains unresolved as to whether high-frequency EMFs can have hazardous effect on health. Epidemiological studies on association between childhood cancers,(More)
Tat protein is an early nonstructural protein necessary for virus replication, which is secreted by infected cells and taken up by uninfected cells. Extensive evidence indicates that Tat may be a cofactor in the development of AIDS-related neoplasms. The molecular mechanism underlying Tat's oncogenic activity may include deregulation of cellular genes.(More)
It has been recently reported that retinoblastoma family proteins suppress cell growth by regulating not only E2F-dependent mRNA transcription but also rRNA and tRNA transcription and, through HDAC1 recruitment, chromatin packaging. In the present study we report data showing that these various control strategies are correlated, at least in part, with(More)
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