Domenico Carminati

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Milk and dairy products play an important role in a healthy diet because of their high nutritional value, even if they represent a source of lipids and cholesterol. Nowadays, some commercially hypocholesterolemic products are available, which contain lactic acid bacteria (LAB). Therefore, the aims of this study were to test and compare the cholesterol(More)
Nine table olive fermentation brines were analysed to demonstrate the presence of lytic bacteriophages active against Lactobacillus plantarum strains. Five brines, out of the nine studied, were added to selected strains of L. plantarum as starter cultures, while the other four brines were left to ferment spontaneously. Turbidity tests with different host(More)
Microbial symbionts of honeybee colony are considered as promising tools to support the honeybee population welfare. The majority of existing honeybee microbiota studies is focused on genetic description of the honeybee-associated microbiome fingerprints. The lack of a deeper knowledge on the bacterial community colonizing the honeybee niche, which may be(More)
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