Domenico Capolongo

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We apply high-resolution, X-band, stripmap COSMO-SkyMed data to the monitoring of flood events in the Basilicata region (Southern Italy), where multitemporal datasets are available with short spatial and temporal baselines, allowing interferometric (InSAR) processing. We show how the use of the interferometric coherence information can help to detect more(More)
Accurate flood mapping is important for both planning activities during emergencies and as a support for the successive assessment of damaged areas. A valuable information source for such a procedure can be remote sensing synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery. However, flood scenarios are typical examples of complex situations in which different factors(More)
In the present paper, COSMO-SkyMed high-resolution data acquired on the southern Basilicata region (Italy) are used for flood hazard monitoring. We concentrate on the flood event of Nov. 2-4, 2010, for which multi-temporal SAR data were available over the Bradano River downstream area in the same acquisition geometry, which allows interferometric(More)
Flood recurrence frequency is increasing in recent times due to various causes, including climate and land use change. Monitoring of flood events evolution through satellite data is a task of maximal importance to timely provide information about actually flooded areas, escape pathways, or infrastructure damages. Moreover, accurate knowledge of extents and(More)
This article addresses the application of Bayesian Networks (BNs), to perform data fusion of SAR intensity, InSAR coherence imagery and ancillary data to detect flooded areas. Results show the advantage of integrating heterogeneous sources of information (satellite, topographic, land cover, hydraulic modeling) in order to reduce uncertainties in the mapping(More)
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