Domenico Altimare

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The protein product of the ocular albinism type 1 gene, named OA1, is a pigment cell-specific G protein-coupled receptor exclusively localized to intracellular organelles, namely lysosomes and melanosomes. Loss of OA1 function leads to the formation of macromelanosomes, suggesting that this receptor is implicated in organelle biogenesis, however the(More)
A transfectant HeLa cell clone expressing HFE under the control of a tetracycline-repressible promoter was generated. HFE expression was fully repressed by the presence of doxycycline, while it was strongly induced by growth in the absence of doxycycline. HFE accumulation was accompanied by a large (approximately 10-fold) decrease in H- and L-ferritin(More)
The protein product of the gene responsible for ocular albinism type 1, named OA1, is a pigment-cell-specific membrane glycoprotein, displaying features of G-protein-coupled receptors, yet exclusively localized to late endosomes, lysosomes and melanosomes. To dissect the signals responsible for the intracellular localization of OA1, we generated chimeric(More)
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