Domenica Tullo

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Techniques of bone reconstructive surgery are largely based on conventional, non-cell-based therapies that rely on the use of durable materials from outside the patient's body. In contrast to conventional materials, bone tissue engineering is an interdisciplinary field that applies the principles of engineering and life sciences towards the development of(More)
AIM To evaluate the safety and efficacy of a 980 nm diode laser for the treatment of benign facial pigmented and vascular lesions, and in oral surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS 20 patients were treated with a 980 nm diode laser. Oral surgery: 5 patients (5 upper and lower frenulectomy). Fluence levels were 5-15 J/cm(2); pulse lengths were 20-60 ms; spot size(More)
INTRODUCTION Dubowitz syndrome is a very rare, autosomal recessive disease characterized by microcephaly, growth retardation, a high sloping forehead, facial asymmetry, blepharophimosis, sparse hair and eyebrows, low-set ears and mental retardation. Symptoms vary between patients, but other characteristics include a soft high-pitched voice, dental and(More)
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