Domenica A. M. Iero

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—Microwave hyperthermia is a non-invasive treatment for cancer which exploits a selective heating of tissues induced through focused electromagnetic fields. In order to improve the treatment's efficiency, while minimizing side effects, it is necessary to achieve a constrained focusing of the field radiated by the sources. To address this issue, in this(More)
Spatially focusing a wavefield (or better the corresponding intensity) into a target point is a canonical problem relevant both theoretically and practically. In this communication, after briefly reviewing some critical aspects of such a problem, we provide an update of some focusing approaches we have recently developed. Numerical results and comparisons(More)
The capability of controlling the spatial distribution of a field into a given scenario is relevant to many applications as different as hyperthermia treatment planning and wireless network optimization. In this respect, many strategies to focus the field into a target point have been presented, whereas the possibility of arbitrarily shaping a field still(More)
In synthetic radiometers, a relatively low number of sensors allow to achieve a very small angular resolution by the exploitation of two different concepts, namely correlation amongst different sensors and rotation of the structure. As a result, one is able to deal with a kind of large synthetic antenna having much improved performances. In this(More)
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