Domemco Delia

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Since apoptosis is the primary mode of cell death induced by cisplatin, the role of apoptosis and apoptosis-related gene products in cisplatin resistance was investigated in four human cisplatin-resistant cell lines of different tumour type. A common feature of the resistant sublines was a reduced susceptibility to drug-induced apoptosis compared to(More)
In most human follicular B cell lymphomas the bcl-2 gene is up-regulated as a result of the t(14;18) chromosomal translocation generating a hybrid bcl-2-IgH mRNA. Recently, we have identified in t(14;18)-positive cells a bcl-2-IgH mRNA in the antisense orientation, putatively responsible for the overexpression of bcl-2. Herein we show that this chimeric(More)
p53 status may be a determinant of chemosensitivity of tumor cells; however, Its Involvement in cellular resistance to cisplatin remains uncer tam. To investigate the relationships between p53 and the development of resistance to cisplatin, the p53 gene status was studied in ovarian carci noma cell systems which included two cisplatin-resistant variants(More)
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