Domeena C Renshaw

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Close, continuous collaboration among the obstetrician, the psychiatrist, and nurses in both disciplines is required to improve the mental health of a patient whose psychosis is associated with pregnancy. These most complex cases require not "either/or" management but the combined attention of specialists in both disciplines.
Unfounded fears and misconceptions about postcoronary sex can cause much anxiety in an individual and his partner. Hypertension may complicate the clinical picture, and fear of a catastrophic episode may haunt partner as well as patient. Needed medications may further confuse them both by causing chemical impotence or ejaculatory problems in some cases. A(More)
Since the 1950's effective control of conception has allowed modern men and women to differentiate procreational from recreational sexual exchange. What is considered highly erotic has differed widely through time and in various cultures. In the U.S. the female breast has come to mean far more than nurturing an infant. Sexuality symbolizes youth,(More)
  • D C Renshaw
  • The Psychiatric clinics of North America
  • 1989
At any age, the devastating experience of sexual exploitation requires physical treatment, comfort, and support. Then an explicit sexual history taking allows for evaluation of the crisis management and long-term treatment that will be needed. Sex education for children to aid in prevention of exploitation is discussed.
Long-standing psychogenic factors underlying impotence in diabetic males may, in many cases, play a more significant role than does prematurely presumed organic disease. With an explicit sexual history, a committed couple, an explanation of the sexual responses, and specific exchange at home, the physician may comfortably and competently intervene to(More)
The heart has been regarded throughout history as the central core of life and emotions, of kindness and generosity, courage and grief. Cardiac disease can be overwhelming for both the patient and for the partner, and fear of death is a common and quite normal response. Sexual activity after convalescence is a valuable incentive for patients to undergo(More)