Dome Lohpetch

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Genetic programming (GP) is increasingly popular as a research tool for applications in finance and economics. One thread in this area is the use of GP to discover effective technical trading rules. In a seminal article, Allen & Karjalainen (1999) used GP to find rules that were profitable, but were nevertheless outperformed by the simple “buy and hold”(More)
Genetic programming is now a common research tool in financial applications. One classic line of exploration is their use to find effective trading rules for individual stocks or for groups of stocks (such as an index). The classic work in this area (Allen & Karjaleinen, 99) found profitable rules, but which did not outperform a straightforward(More)
The post enrolment based course timetabling problem (PECTP) is one type of university course timetabling problem which a set of events has to be assigned into time slots and suitable rooms according to students' enrolment data. This problem is classified as a combinatorial optimization problem and it is very hard to solve the problem efficiently because(More)
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