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Despite some opposing views (cf. Alchian and Demsetz, 1972), there is a wide recognition of specificity of labour as a resource and commodity (Solow, 1990; Hodgson, 1999), which justifies a relatively high degree of the regulation of the labour market. The regulative measures include laws and administrative activities of the staSegmentation of the Labour(More)
The paper discusses the integration of codified and tacit knowledge as a potential source of competitive advantage. The management of explicit knowledge is viewed through knowledge management practices, whereas the management of tacit knowledge is conceptualised through strategic human resource management. The paper presents the empirical results of testing(More)
The role of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Croatian economy is comparatively smaller than in the developed European Union (EU) countries. In this paper we analyze some of the factors which contribute to such a situation, and provide some policy proposals which could address it. The proposals have been based on the analysis of(More)
The paper tackles the implications of the system of corporate governance on the level and prevalent modes of innovation activities and ways in which innovations are developed, financed and implemented within enterprises. The paper aims to contribute to the discussions on corporate governance and innovation by explaining the interrelationship between(More)
This paper aims to explore the role of R&D activity as a factor of growth of foreign owned SMEs in selected Central Eastern European countries (Croatia, former East Germany, Poland and Romania). The paper is based on the micro-level approach, i.e. it focuses on the characteristics of foreign owned SMEs in the selected countries where the population of(More)
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