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Venice and Dubrovnik During the Great Earthquake of 1667
The article examines the Venetian-Ragusan relations during one of the most dramatic moments in Dubrovnik’s history―the first few weeks after the Great Earthquake of 1667. This large-scale crisisExpand
Geoekološka analiza prirodnih fenomena općine Tomislavgrad
The area of Grabovica plain is characterized by karst relief, with more than 8500 sinkholes, and many caves, pits and collapsing sinkholes. Inside, there is the system cave Ponor Kovaci – the RicinaExpand
The Defensive System of the Ragusan Republic (c. 1580–1620)
In spite of the proclaimed neutrality, and nominal support of its mighty protectors, in order to ensure its survival and escape the fate of many other city-states that were annexed by its moreExpand
The Adriatic Naval Squadron (1645-1669): Defense of the Adriatic during the War for Crete
Th e main research subjects of this study are: (1) the naval force under the command of the Governor-general of Dalmatia and Albania, in this paper referred to as the Adriatic squadron, and (2) theExpand
A measure of the city: the 1527 Zadar census
Zadarski cenzus iz 1527. godine najstariji je od sacuvanih popisa stanovnistva jedne dalmatinske komune. Osim sto predstavlja ishodisnu tocku za proucavanja demografskih kretanja dalmatinskeExpand
Capi di Morlacchi. Venetian Military Policies During the War for Crete (1645-1669) and the Formation of the Morlacchi Elite.
This paper deals with a particular case of a much broader problem common to many governments in early modern Eu- rope: the question of how to establish control and integrate semi- autonomousExpand
Conversion under the threat of arms
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