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We are developing technology to translate acoustic characteristics of speech into visual cues that can be used to supplement speechreading when hearing is limited. Research and theory have established that perceivers are influenced by multiple sources of sensory and contextual information in spoken language processing. Previous research has also shown that(More)
with permission only. Contact W we think about how we learn language, we think of speech as somehow more fundamental than reading. Most children hear speech prenatally and participate in a world of spoken language. Entering the terrible two’s, they have already heard about 1,000 hours of speech. Learning to read follows a very different(More)
What is consciousness for? Consciousness allows us to handle conflict, a promising proposal by Morsella et al. However, they provide little evidence as to why consciousness is particularly valuable in resolving conflict, nor do they limit the role of consciousness to only conflicting experiences. We attempt to clarify their possible positions and offer(More)
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