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The objectives of this research were (a) to characterize the permselective properties of human and porcine skin and (b) to assess the validity of the latter as a model membrane in iontophoresis studies. The electroosmotic transport of [14C]mannitol was followed in vitro across human and porcine skin as a function of pH, in both "anode-to-cathode" and(More)
Over the last 10-15 years, the electrical enhancement of drug delivery across the skin has undergone intense investigation. During this period, considerable amounts of experimental data have been generated, and the successful enhancement of a diverse array of molecules has been achieved. Indeed, the commercial exploitation of the method can be envisaged(More)
We have adapted an Ortho ICP-22 flow cytometer (Ortho Instruments, Westwood MA) for the simultaneous measurement of three independent fluorochromes and cell volume. This has been accomplished by the addition of a third photomultiplier tube and the development of a new electronic cell volume (ECV) flow cell. Cells are first analyzed as they pass through the(More)
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