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We conducted a double-blind pilot study of 8 patients with established cerebral infarction to evaluate the effect of a single dose of amphetamine on recovery of motor function using the Fugl-Meyer scale. Four patients received amphetamine; the rest were given placebo. All underwent a session of physical therapy. Patients treated with amphetamine obtained(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic inflammation in periodontal disease has been suggested as a potential risk factor in Alzheimer's disease (AD). The purpose of this study was to examine serum antibody levels to bacteria of periodontal disease in participants who eventually converted to AD compared with the antibody levels in control subjects. METHODS Serum samples from(More)
High-field strength (1.5 Tesla) magnetic resonance imaging in 15 patients with multiple and extensive white-matter lesions and clinically definite multiple sclerosis delineated a previously undescribed finding of abnormally decreased signal intensity on T2-weighted images in the thalamus and putamen. The decreased signal intensity (preferential decreased T2(More)
We attempted to determine whether the degree of lateralization of independent bitemporal interictal spikes and sharp waves (ISSW) is correlated with good results after temporal lobectomy. Three observers independently counted ISSW in the scalp EEGs of 59 candidates for temporal lobectomy to determine the degree of lateralization of ISSW. Interobserver(More)
High-field-strength (1.5-T) MR imaging was used to evaluate 47 patients with definite multiple sclerosis and 42 neurologically normal control patients. Abnormal, multiple foci of increased signal intensity on T2-weighted images, most prominent in the periventricular white matter, were apparent in 43 of 47 MS patients and in two of 42 control patients. A(More)
Caregivers of 26 patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) rated current and premorbid personality patterns with the NEO Personality Inventory. Results replicated previous findings on the degree of change reported in a previous group of patients with mixed memory disorder diagnoses. After a diagnosis of AD, the patients were rated as significantly more(More)
Rater reliability was evaluated for the system most widely used to assess copy and recall of the Rey Complex Figure: the Osterrieth (1944) 18-item scoring system. The study sample consisted of 95 subjects (49 males, 46 females), most of whom were elderly individuals (M = 59.83, SD = 15.21 years) suffering from memory impairment. Four raters rated copy and(More)
Impairment of writing ability was studied in 20 patients with mild to moderate dementia caused by early-onset Alzheimer's disease. A multicomponent analysis was made of a brief narrative writing sample obtained from each patient, and this writing proficiency score was compared with results of standard tests of cognitive function as well as ratings of the(More)
Multiple studies of individuals with Alzheimer disease have substantiated significant levels of informant-rated change in several domains and facets of the Neuroticism-Extraversion-Openness Personality Inventory, including increases in Neuroticism and decreases in Extraversion and Conscientiousness relative to premorbid personality traits. Decline in(More)
Four patients suffered intracerebral hemorrhages following the oral or nasal use of amphetamine or related compounds. Two of these patients had abnormal-appearing cerebral blood vessels on angiography. Review of previously reported cases showed that intracerebral hemorrhage may occur in patients using the drug for the first time and for nonrecreational(More)